I Want To Learn To Give Light

August 5, 2022

I work with Howard in the hotel kitchen
taking orders, serving food, feeding guests – all hungry.
Howard and his roommate have something called Divine Light
which has changed their lives for the better.
So, I’ll be attending the Primary Spiritual Development course
With them this week, we’ll go over Thursday night and stay through Monday, learning

about the Divine Light. What it is, how to give it. Learning
to raise our hands. I’ve seen Howard doing this in the kitchen
and his tips are out of this world. If someone else happens to deliver one of his orders to a table, as a matter of course,
often that food comes back. The diner complains and waits, hungrily
for their meal to return with better
flavor or texture, cooked differently. But I’ve seen him! Howard can take the same plate that came back, and give it light,

return it to the table and have a happy diner! The difference is in the Divine Light!
Which explains part of why I will be learning
as much as I can about it this weekend. Plus, there are other parts of my life I would like to make better,
although becoming a whiz in the kitchen
would be a nice place to start because with better tips I would be hungry
less often. I’m ready for this course!

One of the things I want to learn about in this course
are the types of blessings. When Howard gives a plate Light
and receives a nice tip he calls it a material blessing. I am hungry
for such blessings and eager to learn
how I can manifest them … at home, with friends, or in the kitchen.
I could stand to see some of my relationships get better.

True, I left home because life there was hard. I wanted better.
Well, of course,
running away, living on the street, borrowing a friend’s address to get a job in a kitchen
was not the picture of easy. My burdens did not feel light,
but with Howard and Amara and their adult friends, I’m learning
to secure housing and SNAP benefits so I won’t go hungry.

Working in food service is ideal for someone who is hungry.
Discount meals, or even better
free food which has expired. This is rare, though I’m learning
or perhaps creating some ways to deal with that. I should feel bad making orders for the kitchen
that I know the customer won’t like and send back, but my heart feels so light
when in the course

of an evening, I score a free meal. Working while hungry in a kitchen
can be dangerous, leading me to these decisions which I could make better – steer the customer to a sure-fire win, cuz if they are ordering lobster tails but saying, “I don’t know how I feel about lobster” I may be about to score a dinner I cannot afford to buy, and I feel light,
giddy with anticipation. That’s just for a good meal. I have even more excitement for the learning to come from this course!


Cynthia WinfieldCynthia L. Winfield, a retired middle school teacher, light worker, and author of Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Second Edition, which received acclaim from The Advocate magazine’s editorial team as one of their “Ultimate Guidebooks for LGBTQ+ Youth in 2019,” is a member of the Nashville area’s Prodigal Poets family. She offers free daily writing prompts on her Facebook page Writing Strategies That Work and loves to encourage new and emerging writers of all ages. Watch for two new titles in the Sovereign Souls series in 2022, along with an inspirational novel, With Hallelujah in Her Heart.