Highway Homeward: Nostalgia Down the Open Texas Road

March 20, 2023

Every time I travel back to Texas,

I find my place in the back of my

father’s pick-up truck.


I watch the Sun take a bite of the ripened

Southern heavens as bursts of tangerine and amber

drip down its prominent chin.

Tejano music and corridos blend into

the white and yellow lines of the road;

and my memories perch on the wires

stretched across the luscious, vibrant prairies.

They soar and land on my shoulders,

Y caigo en un sueño profundo—

Soy fruto de las costillas del tiempo,

En el camino me transformo a través

De los recuerdos que soplan

Mil alientos de vida a mis narices

Y vuelvo a nacer.


Renata Perez is a Mexican American multimedia creative with a passion for sparking conversations and empowering others to use their voice. As Digital Media Coordinator for Subscriptions for Authors by Ream, they have created content that helps authors connect with their audience and develop strategies for growing their platforms. Renata is also a student copywriter for the Boston University Marketing & Communications Department and has explored various formats of storytelling, such as advertising, rebranding, copywriting, photography, editorial writing, and short documentary-style projects—increasing audience engagement by up to twenty percent of audience engagement. In addition to her work in marketing, Renata is also an editorial intern and creative writer contributing to the Hey! Young Writer Organization. They are currently pursuing a B.A. in English literature with a minor in advertising at Boston University, and her ultimate goal is to capture stories that bring representation to those seeking to be heard.

Featured image by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels