June 25, 2021

I sat in my room
on my bed
thinking about what the future
might hold:

Winning the race,
floating in space,
and swimming in money
from the tests that I aced.

I’ve been a daydreamer
since the day I was born
but the action that I took
did not match up.

Those on television
were so triumphant, it was hard to envision,
those around me also made the decision
to work hard with precision.

But what about me?
I don’t have anything special.
I quit everything that I started
and I virtually had no future.

He’s the #1 mathlete in the state,
She’s a top chef with great taste,
They started a nonprofit at age eight,
While I collapsed under all that weight.

I sat in my room,
on my bed
thinking about what the future
might hold.

I dreamed about a Wikipedia page
for when I hit the stage
and people of every age
would learn about my rage.

Taking action
isn’t as easy as it sounds.
I wanted to quit
and start over

And I did many times
But had to make up for my crimes.
I worked hard because oftentimes
I can’t just watch as others climb.

When will that day come
when I am famous,
when my tales are known by all
and revered by all?

I guess I must work
and not let the thought lurk.
When that day arrives there is a perk.
The naysayers will get to see me smirk.

Sean C

Sean C is a 16-year-old writer who writes both poetry and fiction and hopes to be a best selling author someday.




Featured Image by Milan Popovic on Unsplash