Crazy Fast

July 3, 2024

It’s crazy how fast a year goes by.

How fast your hair grows back after a big chop.

It’s crazy how comfortable the right person can make you feel.

How fast your university career comes to an end.

It’s crazy how quickly my plans can turn into our plans.

How fast the loads of laundry pile up.

It’s crazy that one day you’re saying see you tomorrow, and the next you’re kissing each other good night and settling into your shared bed.

How quickly dinners and breakfasts and movies and tv series add up.

It’s crazy how you think you have time to do all the things you planned, and then one day it’s too late.

How fast Valentine’s Day turns into Easter turns into Labor Day turns into Halloween turns into Christmas all over again.

It’s crazy that a year ago you didn’t think you wanted to make it past twenty-five, and now you’re planning twenty, thirty, fifty years ahead.

How fast you become a person you, two years ago, wouldn’t recognize.

It’s crazy how fast you can fall in love with someone you didn’t know this time last year.


Katelynn Jordan (she/her) is a university student currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She loves her cat Fletcher, the way you can take words and create a whole new world, and coffee in any form.




Featured image by Saffu.