Feed The Birds

March 1, 2022

Getting older comes with more than just aches and pains,
grey in your hide
and a sock collection a mile wide.

For me it’s becoming concierge to our feathered neighbours;
laying out veritable banquets and holding our breath
with all the nervous anticipation of a first time dinner hostess.

It wasn’t so long ago that I didn’t believe, truth be told:
Feeding the birds makes them lazy,
It’s always raining, they can find insects.

But the stark reality can’t be ignored,
there are far less insects than there were before.

They are a vibrant, dynamic, alive,
part of our landscape,
and it is our duty to make sure they thrive!

They give song at dawn and dusk,
Lifting spirits even when we feel but a husk.

So lets code it into their DNA for generations to come-
‘this is a safe space where we can fill our tums’.

Please find your tuppence a bag and feed the birds.

Megan Romaine

Megan Romaine has, in one way or another, been telling stories all her life. In the last few years she has been taking it seriously and trying to get it off the ground- to make a dream come true. She has had a piece and a short fantasy love story published on girltellme.com, and a story in six words coming in issue four of Type! Bookmark Magazine.



Featured Image by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash