Dancing in the Thunderstorm

January 24, 2024

As the water filled with 

Chemicals, debris, the remnants of pollution clutching onto water particles, 

Breaking up the molecules into 



               Religious groups,

                 Sects of human division,

       I hold them all  in my hands as they collide into each other,

Speak to each other,

Debate each other,

Causing the sky to crack with divisive thunder. 


I break open the molecules as my hands wave in the air, 

But refusing to break apart, they pile on top of each other and become a tower,

Reaching the thunder in the sky,

Sailing along the electricity,

So that I might be electrocuted,

But something deep inside of me knows

That the water will shield me,

And that I am lying to myself,

And that I better run inside

Before electric shock becomes my destiny.


I have always refused to become a victim of the storm,

So I chose instead to dance, 

And now I am choosing to run away from it.


I am running away from the

Anger, the atrocities in the world,

And instead, cozying up on my warm and cushiony couch,

Crunching into warm gingerbread cookies,

Feeling the warmth of hot chocolate inside my mouth,

As if







And everything on Earth that is painful does not exist.


It burned my insides listening to the conversations at my swim club over the summer,

The women in multi-colored bathing suits complaining about how the candy they are eating no longer has the apple flavor and that they are getting sunburned.

Instead of speaking about ways to help children in foster care,

Surveying organizations that work to end poverty,

Providing aid to organizations that help refugees,

Advocating for peace across America and the globe.


Since the fifth grade I have yearned to become a peace activist,

Stand up for people facing adversities,

Challenge the status quo set by society to divide people,

Because I long to see a world where every human has equal rights.


As I chew on my gingerbread cookie,

My fingers feel the familiar keys on my laptop,

And I play the google search bar to the beat of my own drum.

I type in, “organizations to help children in foster care,”

And I read through them, contemplating how I can become part of the movement,

To move the boundaries imposed on foster children,

To give them the freedom to be loved and cared for.


I refuse to be a follower. I will be a leader. I will be the change I wish to see in this world. I will recount the teachings of the social activists who have lived and currently live,

Making sure to never spread hate about any group of people. 

I will move mountains and climb walls.

I will overcome barriers and reach the sky.

I will dance in the thunder, and when I am struck by lightning I will survive,

  Because I am






Rachael Weiser is a talented, passionate, and motivated writer. She is also a curious, insightful, caring, compassionate, observant, and creative person. Rachael is very eager and excited to work for a company as a writer after she graduates college!




Featured image by Johannes Plenio.