The Romance Of It

November 24, 2021

Who I’ve been is with you in these mountains,

But who you’ve been is with her in those hills.

You couldn’t choose, though you had the gun,

And you still couldn’t make the kill.

Your weakness, your lying, your cheating––

You didn’t call on Jesus for healing,

And God knows I’m broken, too,

But I can’t save you from your sins.

Once you left, I learned to love the things I hated with you.

I like loud music when you’re not in the car,

And our songs weren’t ours;

They were mine all along.

I don’t need you at concerts or movie nights or long drives.

It turns out,

My happy ending needed to die.

I found the romance in being heartbroken

And the poetry in lies––

Your fabrication of the truth was creative,

And my heart’s pieces cut you like knives.

But who you were was never with me on the railroad,

Though who I am is the same girl you knew in the snow.

You couldn’t choose who you wanted to be,

And you still lost me.

You lost her.

You deserved to lose everything.


M.M. Cochran is a YA writer and author of Between the Ocean and the Stars (summer 2022). With an educational background in English and creative writing, she has worked in the journalism industry, as well as the agenting and publishing industry, and she is currently a freelance book editor for her service, Elegant Editing. Now pursuing a career in publishing and becoming a full-time novelist, she spends most of her time editing and writing in her novels. Meanwhile, you can find M.M. collecting coffee mugs or slipping into an oversized sweater, wishing for a white winter.

Featured Image by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash