The Road Back

September 14, 2022

the same five songs are playing on repeat.
release. catharsis. but it’s not enough
to sing at the top of my lungs
all the words i never say to you.

it’s humbling and insightful–
a mirror to my feelings
that i’ve been making worse
by pushing them away.

time to buckle down,
end the charade,
halt the parade,
and get real.

be selfish with your hand.
play the hell out of your cards.
you know what you’re betting on.
red, black, ace, spade, wherever the dice may land.

biting my cheek–
explaining my feat–
it was not defeat,
but time to make a home.

biting my tongue
not to spoil the ending.
but it’s time to get real
and stop pretending.

Kailani NorwellKailani Norwell has a big mouth, a big heart, a big brain (metaphorically speaking), a big fucking ego, and an even bigger take on everything and anything. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge–to learn all that she can–and for personal development. While she dreams larger than life and encourages others to follow what puts sparks in their eyes, she typically plays incredibly small. She has indebted herself for America’s most expensive therapist–a bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical psychology. Writing is her passion. It’s what ignites her soul. It is her most sincere form of expression. She doesn’t think she’s to write the next great American novel, but she’s to write something.

Featured Image by Hannah Gullixson on Unsplash