The Lady of Nights and the Blushing Moon

June 24, 2022

As the Bitter Old King of Winter finally rests for another year, the Lady of Midnight grows ever joyous;

For when the Suns’ rays melts the snow, the flowers awaken from their deep slumber

The warm breeze of Anemoi fondle her wild black hair bringing the message of hope that Springtime is near

She can smell the attar of the Daturas and the Primroses as she would take flight once more into the blank night sky

Her glittering smile make the stars as the Moon takes notice of her most joyous hours

How her eyes gleam as though she is a child again;

Embracing the Moon with words of hope through her soft lips

Her silky hands and softness enrapture the Moon as he turns ruby red

But the Moon does not mind;

For after the merciless months of King Winter,

what we need most is love that can fill Springs’ Horn of Plenty


Blaine OMearaBlaine OMeara discovered his ability to enter a state of imagination where he can create characters and stories in junior year. He began writing poetry for people he cared about and connected with in the Fall of 2021 and came to the realisation that poetry can explain deep thoughts and inspire people who are scared to speak.


Featured Image by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash