F. T. F. P.

July 8, 2024

Am I delusional? 


I believe you and I are meant to be. 

Others disagree. 

They don’t understand the sacrifices made. 

They don’t understand how I could fall for you so quickly.


To be fair… neither do I. 


You’re not what I dreamed of or desired. 

I thought all the other girls who wanted this were, well, lame.

I thought they were content to fit in a box designed for them.

I never have been. 


Does that make me delusional? 


There’s a lot I didn’t know before I met you: 

– I didn’t know I could fall so hard and so fast for you.

– “… you would become all-consuming. 

– “… your smile would make everything better.

– “… your voice would be the soundtrack of my life.

– “… how perfectly your hand would fit in mine.

– “… I could fight so hard for something so fragile. 


Everyone warned me. But did I listen? No. 


Does that make me delusional? 


We’ve only been together a few months now. 

But I keep dreaming of a lifetime with you.


Am I delusional? 


Your parents disapprove. 

They can’t see that they drove you straight into my arms. 

They can’t see past their own selfishness to recognize their actions put you here. I’m not the one at fault. Yet I am blamed. 

Somehow I’m the bad guy for loving you. 


With me, you are safe. 

With me, you are loved. 

With me, you are cared for. 


Yet, somehow I am still in danger of losing you. 


Loving you still… Does that make me delusional? 


What would I know… 


I’m just a First-Time Foster Parent.

As an author, Alexandra Rexford enjoys writing stories with wit and romance, including a dash of danger. In a perfect world, she would spend all her time writing, reading, sipping hot cocoa, and snuggling with her dogs.





Featured image by Daiga Ellaby.