The Body is a Blade

February 21, 2024

The body is a blade, 

wielded like a double-edged sword,

taking swings at whatever stands in the way.


It wrestles with the valley just because it can,

feeding the fields with tears,

and laughing in the face of the rising sun.


Drawn to you like the first sight of blood,

bright and sweet and pure.


(Tell me, are we only ever tools 

to be used for the benefit of others?)


Hold me close and breathe me in,

a treasured letter from a forgotten love,

the wax seal broken and discarded.


I am the scythe used to reap the

benefits of your love,

and I am the rows of wheat that 

bend to your will.


Lay me down, hold me up.

I was only ever yours

to be used,

to be wanted.


I am a moth drawn to a flame,

its wings singed and eyes hollowed.

My body is a blade. 

Use at your disposal.


Vanessa Perez has loved writing ever since she was a little girl. Words have always fascinated her, and now she studies English at California State University, Fullerton. While she typically seeks solace in poetry, she has also started experimenting with short fiction and essays. She is always looking for new ways to connect with others through her writing. 



Featured Image by Zoron Borojevic.