Over a Year Sober

March 29, 2023



Wearing mother’s eyes,

A leaf falls instead of a

Tear, a doll with a smile tossed out,

Dirty, picking up father’s broken

Dreams, they fall behind him, the sky,

An art piece constantly being

Repainted, the only water that rolls

Down my face are Gaia’s tears, rain.


A picture’s worth

A thousand words, confidently

Spoken, they are all

Fiction, I take everyone else’s

Emotions out of me until I am


Where am I?

Who am I?


Think for myself?

Do I?


A wound with a scab taken off,

Raw, is this really better

For me, old hands reassure,

They tell me they wish they’d started

Young, saved heartache.

I trust them enough.


This wine, this cheap wine found at

Every grocery store, this

Brand, this is the exact same wine

I had the night

I tried to kill myself


Why were you in

My dream?


Corin Diaz began writing confessional poetry in middle school. She would call her grandfather and they would dig deeper, together, to unfold the complex emotions she was feeling. She keeps most of her writing to herself and close friends. She attended Sweet Briar College, where she studied music. She had the opportunity to take a few creative writing classes, one to her delight was in poetry. Since her graduation, she has been in Nashville developing her music. She has recently been pulled again by creative writing and is enjoying taking classes, locally, at the Porch.

Featured image by Raphael Brasileiro on Pexels