Lurking By Black Widow

August 12, 2022

Something inside of me
is not working
there is some evil lurking
how do I fight something
that I cannot see
feeling that all of this
was not meant to be

Stress and drama
can turn into a cancer
keeping my energy safe
is the only answer

Hiding in the shadows waiting
Anxiously anticipating creep
A poison that could seep
deep Into your chest
Trying to suck out your happiness

I’ve tried to cut it out
Radiating from the inside
I’m left with tattooed over scars
It will not take my pride

I’ll keep on fighting
I’ll not let you win
I am stronger than you
I will prevail
no matter what you do

I see you looking at me
With your dark sunken eyes
Trying to whisper manipulative lies

I’ll not be hiding in fear
Stay there don’t come any nearer
Death reflection in the mirror

Gina CarrilloGina Carrillo inherited a creative streak from her family. Her interests include drawing, painting, poetry and music. She studied oil painting in New York and has work displayed at restaurants in Downtown Franklin.




Featured Image by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash