Love Is Not A Battlefield

July 6, 2022

It is a union many
Will never understand

Love is not bearing arms
It is holding hands

There are no weapons
There should be no weapons
‘Cause love is peace

It is two journeys that collide
But do not explode
Love is not a bomb
You should not avoid it
Because you’re afraid of
Getting hurt

Instead, explore it
Love is a vast terrain
Mountains, marshes
Plains, plateaus
All different
All beautiful
All love

Love is not violent
Blood should not be shed on
Every encounter

It is not a game
It should not feel like your losing

Love is not a fight
But a compromise
Not a flight
But a stay

Love is not a battlefield
It is a union that many
Will never understand


Cydney BrownCydney Brown is the 2020-2021 Philadelphia Youth Poet Laureate and author of “Daydreaming.” She is a Senior at Abington Friends School and has been writing poetry since she was in 5th grade. Brown has been featured in The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, 6abc, Philadelphia Citizen, and Fox29. She loves that there are no limitations to writing. Her poetry explores the topics of social justice, self-image, love, and nature. She won first place in The National Hip Hop workshop poetry competition and is the Recipient of The Romero Scholarship For Excellence In Spoken Word. She is a Gold Award Ambassador Girl Scout who is active in improving her community and is the recipient of The Good Citizenship Award. Cydney wishes to inspire people to speak their truth and share her poetry with the world.

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash