I Remember

June 27, 2024

I remember driving down backroads, 

Somewhere deep in the Tennessee countryside where horses roam. 

My car windows rolled down,

Music blasting, 

My hair dancing in time to the motion of the wind,

And I was singing at the top of my sacred lungs. 

I was perfectly put together like the finest aged bourbon. 

Juicy before the orange peeled. 

I remember thinking, These are moments meant just for me. 

After all, I had been chasing invisible shadows for so long. 

But now I was chasing something better, and it tasted like freedom. 

It tasted like pure gold, and it smelt like success. 

And for some reason, this reminded me. 

I was taken back to when my heart was broken, 

When I was wallowing in the depths of my depression

And starving my body like it was my favorite diet. 

The countless hours and money spent sitting in the therapy office, 

Trying to return home to myself. 

And I didn’t know it then, but I was slowly finding my way toward freedom. Toward a life of success. 

And I feel so damn lucky, 

Because even now when my heart has been broken, and my emotions have been played, 

It is nowhere near the pain and sadness I once felt. 

Because let me tell you… 


Once you taste that kind of freedom, 

Once you taste an ounce of peace,

You will do anything to keep it ,

And you would be quick to forget anyone who would try and take it away.


Alyssa Tepfenhart is a singer-songwriter and poet based out of Nashville, TN. Her soulful writing vividly captures life’s emotional spectrum—from pure happiness to profound longing. Through her explorations of love, loss, challenge, and authentic self-discovery, Alyssa’s work creates a sanctuary where emotions roam free and hearts find solace.


Featured image by JP Valery.