Forevermore In Two Seconds

July 11, 2022

Fragmented Girl

The gasp taken in the moment of terror

was all she had to hold onto as his gaze slid over her body,

a piece of her already tucked inside his palms.

Safe Space

She tries to brush out the tangles in her words
but all she is left with is swollen lips and a
tongue that stumbles on words she used to know.

Skinned and unflinching she turned her hands
upwards as if all her questions could be answered
if she gave the world what she already broke.

Shame wraps it’s breath around her strained lungs
and she is sprawled on the floor, sinking into all this hurt.

Then the confession comes, bloody and clustered,
pouring out of her chest until all she has left to do is breathe.


Today tasted like a bottle of fine wine,
bitter and a bit heavy.
My airways are clogged with a repetitive,
uncontrollable, contraction,
rounded by meadows of regret, sliding the sharp pain
from the back of my hand and into my chest.
A surge of scarlet in his bright eyes, there’s nothing left to give.
Friday sipped away, the taste of my lips still tender and unfulfilled,
tied to the freckles on his skin.


Ouanessa NanaOuanessa Nana is a 20 year old aspiring writer who loves to write poetry more than anything in the world. She is currently studying creative writing at California State University Northridge. Her work process consists of writing in her bedroom and letting herself be completely in touch with the emotions that she feels on a daily basis. In her free time she likes to sing, run, and read thrillers. Poetry is the one thing she can always come back to when her world feels like it’s ending. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and dreams of having her writing published someday! So far she has had her work published in Eclipse Zine and Palette Magz.

Featured Image by Marina Abrosimova on Unsplash