December 29, 2023

World War One Remembrance Tribute


It’s art, isn’t it? The way the fog stains only the layer above the earth. Everything below the mud lays unaffected, and in the breakup above, the sun shines. It is beautiful, really. How anger, sadness, death, and desperation make beautiful painters and poets.

They cause terrible deaths.

Terrible? Terribly tragic!

Do you find this funny?

War is only war when you’re half in it. When you’re all out of it, it’s history. When you’re all in it, it’s insignificant.

Where are you?

Half in, half out, fully present to appreciate the way the guns pop, the wet earth glistens, the soldiers smile–

They grimace; dead men cannot smile.

They’re not dead yet. And there it is: The beauty of war! Approaching death knowingly with hearts full of hope!

The war has always been hopeless.

But you hoped it wasn’t.


Am I wrong?

What happens to me now?

What are you hoping for?





Then peace, I suppose. I have paid the price for it.

You paid England’s price. Do you think you have paid yours?

I have hardly lived.



Yes, Angel?

Do you want to fight?

I don’t want to die.

Then make some fog. And don’t waste my time.


Deborah RoseDeborah Rose is the Managing Editor for Hey! Young Writer and assisted in starting this amazing blog but now spends most of her time helping our founder, Alee Anderson, with her ghostwriting business. She is the author of two middle-grade, fantasy novels and a fan of all things history related! You can follow her on Instagram at @deborahroseintheforest or visit her website, to read more of her writing.




Featured image by Ricardo Gomez Angel.