The Way We Take Our Coffee

June 22, 2022

I like my coffee hot, and he likes his cold; and I like sitcoms, but he watches sports.

He drinks wine from the bottle, and I, from the glass, but when it comes down to it,
there’s more love in going back to the hotel sober than drunk, and drunk on each other and
never sober on life or music or words.

I like my lattes warm, and he likes his with ice, picking through it with the straw, and I
never finish mine. He wears this necklace––this long string with a cross––that he lets me wrap
around my finger. We love rom coms, but he suffers through my picks, and in the car, I listen to
rap, even though my favorite is Swift.

This will never be finished, all my back and forth about what we like and don’t. He can
promise, overall, that he and I are the one thing that won’t end.


M.M. Cochran is a YA writer and author of Between the Ocean and the Stars (summer 2022). With an educational background in English and creative writing, she has worked in the journalism industry, as well as the agenting and publishing industry, and she is currently a freelance book editor for her service, Elegant Editing. Now pursuing a career in publishing and becoming a full-time novelist, she spends most of her time editing and writing in her novels. Meanwhile, you can find M.M. collecting coffee mugs or slipping into an oversized sweater, wishing for a white winter.

Featured Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash