Eons of You

June 17, 2022

There’s not enough life in me to love you the way you deserve

I want infinities with you to shower you with all my affection

To hold you tenderly in my arms and kiss your head even though it’s laced with sweat 

I want to wake up next to your warmth and feel you against my body for the rest of my life 

To know that my love was at peace, in a dreamland right next to me, is a blissful thought 

I’ve only just begun to learn the language your eyes speak

I want to tell you the stories they sing to me, longingly wishing the space between us to vanish

For our skin to meet 

Graze and glide 

Against one another’s 

There are not enough seconds in minutes 

Hours in days for me to learn the way you feel

It’s a tragedy in my heart that nobody else will ever love you as I do 

I just can’t share you

I’m selfish

But only with you

Every breath of yours, I want to preserve 

Every touch, I wish to capture 

Forever in memory

To last eons 

There’s not enough life in me to share with you

And that is simply that

Such a shame this world will only know you in brief and simple ways 

While I spend my life devoted to learning you

In every which way and loving you 

Like you deserve


Priya Butter is an undergraduate writer looking to be published.

Featured Image by photo nic on Unsplash