den on the hill

September 15, 2023

It was all too familiar:
an eerie, underlying fear.
Scared to be wrong,
make a mistake,
to speak up loud enough
for her to hear.
Was the manipulation she saw in me
a projection,
a reflection,
of who she came to be?
Telling me my motives
—how I feel—
leaving me guessing
if any of it’s at all real.

I don’t have to live this way.
I can take what resonates
and leave the rest
—let me rest—
take what helped me grow
when we go our separate ways.

Kailani Norwell is an amateur writer. She writes for the love of writing. It is her sincerest form of expression—a way to put her wide-ranging ideas and life experiences into something cohesive. As a clinical therapist, she helps others find, listen to, and use their voice. And her writing is her voice. The world as she experiences it is her inspiration, and her love of personal flair fuels her style. She doesn’t think she’s to write the next great American novel, but she’s to write something. Stay curious.


Featured image by Peter Conlan on Unsplash