Crumble Into Earth

February 2, 2024







Roots embrace my brittle bones,

Fungi fills my lungs,

Sweet sap sputters through my veins,

Grit tickles my tongue.


Thistles blossom from my ears,

Vines wrap around my throat,

Lichen tattoos my spinal cord,

Leaves curl around my toes.


Moss clothes me in a lovely gown,

Prepares me for rebirth.

Petals coat my cheeks, my chest.

I crumble into earth.


Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose is the Managing Editor for Hey! Young Writer and assisted in starting this amazing blog but now spends most of her time helping our founder, Alee Anderson, with her ghostwriting business. She is the author of two middle-grade, fantasy novels and a fan of all things history related! You can follow her on Instagram at @deborahroseintheforest or visit her website, to read more of her writing.



Featured Image by Gabriel Jimenez.