Child of Cain

December 16, 2022

An edge in my voice,
I know you can tell.
It’s not me being mean,
I think it’s a cry for help.

See, I’m a child of the King,
But I’m too paranoid to see
That I’m a child of the label
They slap on Christians:
“Perfect,” “Too good,”
“Don’t read enough of the Bible.”

I’m not what the world thinks,
Not perfect, not these labels,
Because I’m offspring of Cain,
Not a child of Abel.

It’s easier to stay quiet
About my religion.
No hate, no debate,
No “I don’t really buy it.”
Because I’m too weak to argue about
What I believe.
Too easily pushed over,
Falling for the devil’s lies.

I’m a pathetic excuse for perfection,
Because I tell the world I love Him.
What they think of is my lying church,
My gossiping friends,
My faith that sometimes doesn’t work.

What they don’t understand is the beginning of life.
That once was perfect was killed,
And it was killed twice.
The label left us all those years ago
When the world changed, turning tables,
Because I’m a child of Eve’s son,
And Cain killed Abel.

M.M. CochranM.M. Cochran is the author of YA novel Between the Ocean and the Stars and has an educational background in English and creative writing. She has worked in the journalism industry, as well as the agenting and publishing industry, and she is currently a news reporter for The Greer Citizen. M.M. can be found collecting coffee mugs, slipping into an oversized sweater, and hanging out with her standard poodle. Her debut novel, Between the Ocean and the Stars, can be found online at or To keep up with her writing journey, follow her on Instagram @m.m.cochran_writer.

Featured Image by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash