May 22, 2024

I was born

Blond, and I clung to that color

To the point of delusion.

It started normal, calling it dark

Blond, but childhood turned

To youth, and dark

Blond turned to brown.


I guess I can’t entirely blame him.

Blond is society’s standard, too.

He didn’t invent adoring

Blond. But he did turn like to love

For the first time for me.


And there’s no way he even remembers

Saying this, but one time after

Seminary, he told me that

Blond, long, curly

Hair was the best kind.


For years

I couldn’t cut

My hair.


When we fell out, I started calling my hair

Brown as an act of rebellion. That’s

The power of knowing the truth.


He’s marrying a

Blond woman this year,

And some days I just can’t

Help feeling sixteen.


Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is an author, poet, blogger, and playwright from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her work has been featured in The Just Girl Project, Empyrean Literary Magazine, Contemporary Jo, Hey Young Writer, and Fterota Logia. She is a student at Southern Utah University studying English education with a creative writing emphasis and double minors in theater and film. You can find her on Instagram @itsanadventur.




Featured image by Averie Woodard.