To Be A Wildflower

March 11, 2022

He said,
“Do you think of yourself as a wildflower?”
Because when we met,
I gave him hippie vibes,
But gypsies lie,
‘Cause when we met, I said I was fine.

I said,
“I think of myself as a wildflower.”
Because they give themselves up
To a higher power.
They trust where they’re rooted,
Withering, blooming.

He said,
“That’s why I thought you could be a smoker.”
‘Cause I have a free spirit,
Could pull of a cigarette;
It was all about my eccentric mindset.

I said,
“Wildflowers––they’re content where they grow.”
And I trusted my environment,
That God would break my pot and
Give me a chance that I haven’t got.

He said,
“I know you’ve grown.”
And it was God through him who
Uprooted me from my container
And gone with the wind
With him, with Him.

I said when I met him,
“I’m fine. I’m doing well.”
Because my life was crumbling to the floor
And I couldn’t admit that,
So I chose to ignore.

M.M. Cochran is a YA writer and author of Between the Ocean and the Stars (summer 2022). With an educational background in English and creative writing, she has worked in the journalism industry, as well as the agenting and publishing industry, and she is currently a freelance book editor for her service, Elegant Editing. Now pursuing a career in publishing and becoming a full-time novelist, she spends most of her time editing and writing in her novels. Meanwhile, you can find M.M. collecting coffee mugs or slipping into an oversized sweater, wishing for a white winter.


Featured Image by Maria Orlova from Pexels