Bering Straight

May 15, 2024

I. high tide


I wish I were like water.

Floating down the bay,

Bobbing in the current’s flow,

Drifting, meandering, washing woes.

In today’s embrace, I yearn to start anew,

Each dawn a canvas, each dusk a review.

Yet, to be reborn every dawn

Sounds monotonous, almost drawn.

For what’s life’s essence if we stagnate so,

Without learning to evolve, to let our spirits grow?


At least, in the attempt, I find my grace;

In this ceaseless dance, I claim my place.


II. bridged


Crossed the threshold, familiar senses, sanity unwound,

Yet, a whisper of change, a new path found.

Faces etched with memories, stories untold,

Yet, within, lay a void of tenderness, icy and cold.

Echoes of snide remarks, like daggers they pierce,

Whispers of unrequited love, haunting, fierce.

At the desk, seated, prepped to plead and implore,

But in my silence, a resolve, now more.

Did I miss the warmth of a new home’s glow?

Or merely stumbled in a dance I didn’t know?

Relief surges, a bittersweet tide.

In letting go, a newfound stride.

Efforts made, yet needs dismissed.

In surrender, a truth not to be missed.

For in this detachment, a liberation found,

I am different now,

I stand on solid ground.


Kailani Norwell is an amateur writer. She writes for the love of writing. It is her sincerest form of expression—a way to put her wide-ranging ideas and life experiences into something cohesive. As a clinical therapist, she helps others find, listen to, and use their voice. And her writing is her voice. The world as she experiences it is her inspiration, and her love of personal flair fuels her style. She doesn’t think she’s to write the next great American novel, but she’s to write something. Stay curious.



Featured image by Pure Julia.