June 14, 2023

Seeking something new can be challenging and demanding. Each day we get to live is actually an opportunity to find purpose. Yet, statistically, about 60% of the world population wakes up daily with a blended feeling of fear, lack of appreciation, and disappointment. As living beings, we ought to stay grateful in our hearts for having the chance to see a new dawn, but tiredness and anxiety can be a stealer of that day’s joyful occurrence. We all battle within our hearts and heads daily. For so many of us, whatever is going on in our heads is happening bit by bit in someone else’s brain as well.

This is why I encourage you to try to change your circumstances. You can’t expect to stay within the proximity of fire and not sweat, so be willing to handle what happens with your conscious or unconscious actions. But what does your subconscious mind say about you? How do you actually feel and embrace whatever life throws at you?

Do you believe in premeditated circumstances? Fate? Destiny? Regardless of whether you do, we live within different means and process situations differently. I will call that “destiny”;  what you feel today is meant to happen so you can either learn from it or fade with it. We are all trying to find peace within ourselves, so the first and best approach is to accept who you are.

Acceptance comes from the realization that you are responsible for 100% of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. You are what you attract, and be careful about feeding yourself with negativity or criticism. As they say, “Happiness comes from within.” So how can you channel this happiness if you are constantly fighting about who you are and where you are, mentally? Be aware: life will definitely continue with or without you. If that’s the case, why worry and be hard on yourself? Every “happy” individual is out there running their race and doing well because they already started living with self-acceptance.

Worried about your finances? If you don’t start accepting where you are and making several meaningful financial moves, then you will keep getting similar outcomes. Invest more in yourself; beat that fear.

Worried about your career? If you don’t like what you are doing and you keep dragging yourself out to such work, then you should accept this truth about yourself and start applying for new jobs. Learn additional skills; they could be extremely helpful.

Worried about creating a family? If you don’t make life easier for yourself, then how could you look out for a family you dream to have? Of course, you can’t predict what might happen once you have that family, so try and build up yourself by accepting every situation you experience and seeing the good in it. Seeing the good in everything eases life’s pain, slowly but surely. A good family thrives on self-love, care, respect, and a high level of tolerance.

Worried about your relationship? Don’t blame others for your actions but instead ask for what you’re doing wrong, admit everything you know you’ve done wrong, and begin acting better. You shouldn’t just want to act better for the sake of keeping or rebuilding a relationship, you should be better for yourself—in your heart, actions, mindset, and attitudes. A good relationship begins with oneself and within oneself.

Worry less, and start turning things around for yourself, because if you don’t do it, nobody else will. Of course, the growth won’t be instantaneous, but consistency, optimism, and self-acceptance will keep you moving toward the right path. No matter what you’re going through, open your phone’s music player, play your favorite “uplifting” songs, and give thanks for being able to have ears to listen and a heart to appreciate.


David Sogade is a talented writer, enthusiastic social media manager, and biochemist. He derives great pleasure from reading and having interactive discussions with people.


Featured image by DS stories on Pexels