The Yearbook

June 26, 2024

I didn’t let the children sign my book

At the school year’s end.

I couldn’t stand to ask, to talk, to look

When all I wanted was to have a friend.

I wanted all the angels in my life

To want to write the things themselves, in truth.

This painful knowledge stabbed me like a knife.

Nothing aches more than the wounds of youth.

If they wanted to say those words,

I wouldn’t have had to ask to hear the sound.

I’m haunted by the silence sung in thirds:

That’s not the law to which the world is bound.

My pride just couldn’t bear that love to see,

To live off falsehoods, as it seemed to me.


Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is an author, poet, blogger, and playwright from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her work has been featured in The Just Girl Project, Empyrean Literary Magazine, Contemporary Jo, Hey Young Writer, and Fterota Logia. She is a student at Southern Utah University studying English education with a creative writing emphasis and double minors in theater and film. You can find her on Instagram @itsanadventur.



Featured image by Kimberly Farmer.