The Unbearable Reality of Having a Body

November 29, 2023

Tell me again how I am more sophisticated 

             Than the morning bird,

Who worries not about the state of the world

But on the simplistic joy

                         Of flight among the stars.


Perhaps this time I will stifle my envy against the 

Clouds, able to roam the sky without restriction.

Or the lightning strike that can do as it pleases,

                         Answering to no one.


Instead, I am trapped and destined 

To perish on the ground,

             The Rocks my companions 

                         The Trees my witnesses. 



             Watch the sun bleed into the earth

And hope that one day we may feel as

                                     Light as the canary.


Vanessa Perez has loved writing ever since she was a little girl. Words have always fascinated her, and now she studies English at California State University, Fullerton. While she typically seeks solace in poetry, she has also started experimenting with short fiction and essays. She is always looking for new ways to connect with others through her writing.



Featured image by Felix Mittermeier.