The Sound of Silence

June 3, 2024

Staring at the ceiling in darkness,

Tossing and turning on my bed,

Desperate for some sound—any sound—

I listened to myself breathe;

I could hear the sound of my own heartbeat.


Aside from the evidence of my living, 

All I could hear was total silence.

What could be wrong?

Even the creatures of the night are usually not this quiet.

I stared at darkness as it stared right back at me,

The sound of silence, deafening.


And even though I couldn’t hear a thing, I still listened,

Hoping that silence could tell me something, anything at all.

Funny how I crave silence during the day and detest it at night.

I didn’t want to listen to my own thoughts.


I closed my eyes and opened them again,

Blinking away the stinging sound of nothingness humming in my ears.

And just like that, I heard silence reaching out for me,

Pulling me into her lukewarm embrace.

Silence hushed my thoughts.

She sang me to sleep, and I felt peace wash over me.


Jasmina Sodamade is a storyteller, poet, and unabashed lover of language who aims to not just share stories but to also share a glimpse of human experiences. They live in Nigeria.


Featured image by Haley Truong.