The Improper Goodbye of the Sun & Moon

July 26, 2023

You’re so breathtakingly lovely.
Each freckle, each scar
only enhances how sickeningly
beautiful you are.

You’re so beautiful.
I can’t believe how lovely you are,
radiating glowing light
everywhere you are.

The ugliness of reality is that I must watch you from afar.

If my looks reflected your beauty in the slightest—

If only I looked nearly as lovely—

Maybe I could approach you.
But I know how the stars are aligned:
We’re not meant to be because
you’re you,
and I’m me.

I’m merely one of a billion stars,
while you’re the moon
that outshines us all.

I’m just one of a thousand rocks,
while you’re the sun,
brighter than anything else in the sky.

Besides, I can see that my chances are long overdue.

It appears that you’re leaving;
I wish you would ask me to go.

I’m afraid I must leave;
I wish you would ask me to stay.

No fear, my love—

Don’t mistake this for bitterness, my lovely—

With or without me, you’ll still shine.
And that makes me happy,
even though you will never be mine.
Goodbye, my love.
Goodbye, my lovely.


Caitlin Davis is an aspiring fiction writer and poet who recently graduated from Ball State University. She currently is working on finding writing opportunities and publishing her first book.