Star-Crossed Enemies

March 1, 2023

I am Raomoc. He is me and I am him. A god, but not one of yours.

Please embrace me, if only for a moment, for I possess a dire message.

Human, your Earth has produced a notable diversity of species, religions, and empires, yet…

…they were never the first.

Ho, ho—why, that prestige would belong to the first planet—Daedeon! Its name, in the ancient dialect, Xue-ak, roughly translates to “land of freedom.” Although Daedeon was active well before Earth was conceived, the pair eventually pursued affairs. However, there is a reason this has been a secret. Tell me, do you recall The Prophecy?

Ah, please put your soul at ease. Imagine and peruse this valuable poem that is The Prophecy.

For, if anyone says otherwise in the future, you shall recite the true omen.

When almost all seems lost, without a cause

 A rupture in the veil, an ode of the devil

It is the six, the mix

Three Guardians, Three Knights

By the capsule, that fights

With the ruby’s trail, the diamond’s gale, and the sapphire’s flood

All for blood

Heed your shadow and know

Evil is the Lord, do not adore

Fulfill the deed, be the free

Protect the universe, reject the converse

Indeed, how vague, but you must know: only Xue-ak flows through my visions.

Unfortunately, very few Daeshos comprehend it. I am of the very few.

“Negligence, my, I wonder, shall it become you or shall you become it?”  Pharanik Yolem Rioleno mused when I relayed the prophecy to him. He, a conservative anti-humanist, is such a predictable enigma. After all, he was a conqueror before he became the imposing ruler of Daedeon’s notorious empire, Alagora, for over five hundred years. You see, I must do whatever Yolem desires. If not, he shall harm my sons.

Ho, ho—the irony! For a god to have failed as a father.

If only Yolem did not twist the prophecy into one of his horrid propagandas. I fear this latest scheme of his may be the last if he succeeds.

You see, Daedeon possesses an invisible atmosphere called the Cvaxo Veil. It is named after its magical composition, but it was never supposed to be as ruptured as it is now.

This day, your species was found guilty of the Cvaxo Veil’s condition.

Yes, yes, I understand that it is impossible, but here’s why: Yolem needed to blame your race to conquer you all. He also needed an ally as ambitious, as cruel, as him. A certain lord was all too zealous when Yolem offered a collaboration.

“Con mi placer,” Lord Valtor grinned wickedly, “this universe was meant to be mine.”

The lord—the leader of the nefarious group, the Shadow Syndicate—knows the truth. He knows the Guardians and Knights are allies. Yet, he and Yolem have convinced the public majority to redeem Daedeon. Three of Alagora’s mightiest warriors—inducted as the Knights of Alagora—must destroy Earth’s force of burly men —The Guardians of Earth. They must reclaim their cvaxo-enchanted gems—yes, yes those—then restore the veil by using the gems to activate an instrument that has long been forgotten: the Life Capsule.

Indeed, what a shame.

The revolutionary leaders may see the other as the adversary, yet if anything, their relationship is far more severe. 

They are star-crossed enemies.


Celeste Molina

Born from Humble, TX and raised in Huffman, Celeste Molina despised literature until she read the revolutionary story, ‘Red River’ by Chie Shinohara. Now, she mourns the fact she cannot ever be the wife of a pharaoh since pharaonic rule was abolished after WWII. But she is thankful she did not live in a Draconian world the misogynistic Hammurabi would have loved.

Featured image by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash