August 23, 2021

Have you ever wanted to be invisible
Unseen and unheard,
Many think it would be great fun
Messing around with no consequence.
Did you ever think beyond that?
Imagine you’re going out
You’re dressed and ready;
You turn to ask how you look,
Why does it matter they say
No one can see you anyways;
Unseen, unheard, invisible.

But there’s no way that could happen
You can’t just suddenly disappear,
Yet when you’re standing in a crowded room
And no one comes to say hi
Or even give you a smile.
It’s like you’re standing there invisible
You may actually be there,
But no one cares
To them you are invisible
Unseen and unheard.

They don’t care who you are
Or who you strive to be,
To them you’re invisible
And that’s all they need
To pick on a prey that no one can see
To rip and tear them apart;
With no care in the world.
They don’t care if you get hurt
They’ll cut you and push you down,
Because no one can see a pool
Of invisible blood.
Unseen, unheard, invisible.

Maybe it’s best I stay this way
Invisible to all
And silent in a crowd.
Besides who would
Listen to a voice
That can not be found.
Invisible, I will always be
Invisible that is me


Frieda SuttonFrieda Sutton is a writer and aspiring author in hopes of inspiring others and making them smile.




Featured Image by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash