I Want Bangs

May 30, 2024

This morning when I woke up, I decided bangs were what was missing from my life. 

Bangs would solve everything. You rarely see a supermodel who has both bangs AND wrinkles. Her flawless skin is always accentuated and made even more flawless by the curtain of hair that hits just above her eyes. Small bits of skin peek through them like the sun between leaves. 

Bangs make people glow.

Or maybe the bangs simply hide the imperfections. 

Do you think I could get bangs that will cover my whole face? 

I am so far from perfect. The reflection in the mirror seems to taunt me every time I dare to glance its way. “Something is wrong,” it seems to say. “When did your eyes become shallow? Has your hair always been that dull? Those lines on your neck are deeper than before. Who are you, really?” 

People on the streets stare at my naked forehead like they can see into my soul. They know. They see my pale flesh, and they know that I am an imposter. I’m pretending every day that I know what I’m doing, that I’m not afraid of literally everything, that the bees aren’t buzzing so deep in my bones that sitting still feels like being strapped to an electric chair. I need bangs so I can hide my flaws… and my soul. 

So, I scheduled an appointment. And as I sit here watching the auburn tresses flutter to the floor, I can’t help but wonder, if maybe—just maybe—I should have just refilled my Lexapro instead. 

Brenda Wilson, a former teacher and mother of two, has enriched the literary world with several short stories, engaging blog posts, and unpublished novels. Her passion for writing and reading reflects her deep love for creativity and storytelling. Aspiring to be an editor, Brenda continues to explore the depths of her imagination and help others in their creative journeys.



Featured image by Allef Vinicius.