Home and this Wonderful Existence!

April 14, 2023

I wrote the following last July while staying in Paris at an Airbnb once inhabited by the likes of

Jim Morrison, Roger Waters, Quentin Tarantino, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Ernest

Hemmingway, and Billie Holiday. This was also written only a few weeks before my father left

this world for another one. It made the reference to this existence even more powerful.


It’s so common to have days where you feel as though nothing remarkable or

memorable has happened. I know for a fact that amazing things are happening

every day. With the human eye, they can often go unnoticed so easily. But with a

larger lens, we can have an open mind. With we being so small and the universe

being so extremely large, I’m reminded that it’s all about human connection and finding those that have

inspired and encouraged us in artistic ways. With that imprint in our lives, we

can be challenged through growth and love. We can then take what we have captured

and share it with others.


As I sat down at the piano, I played a few notes. It was then I was reminded that

home is definitely a feeling, not a place. Hopefully, it will never be too far away.

Staying in such a place reminded me that I must never forget to run with the

tempo and feel the chorus of life. As the towers arch over, waves crash,

hearts beat fast, and birds soar higher, so do we as we navigate our days and this wonderful



Sara Minton is an avid writer and music enthusiast from Nashville, TN. She spends much of her time building a community of friends, enjoying live shows, and being in the great outdoors. In addition to being involved in the live music scene, her day-to-day work involves insuring people for Life Insurance, which allows her financial freedom to travel and attend festivals.  She has built a wonderful home with her girlfriend Kris, dogs Percy and Buttercup, and cat Falcon.

Featured image by Isaac Martin on Unsplash