Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! Not only does this season come with a promise of hot chocolate and crackling fires, it also promises gifts galore. That means it’s time to gather playful presents for our fellow word nerds. In this post, you’ll find dozens of excellent gifts for friends and family who love the craft as much as you do. If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a gift that tells a friend or family member that you support and celebrate their art. A creative community is one to be extra thankful for. Show yours your gratitude by gifting with wordsmithing in mind.

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Work In Progress Notebook

Made for a scribbled mess of ramblings, cross-outs, amendments, and notes in the margins. Its sole purpose is to get a writer’s thoughts flowing and hand moving.



Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes waterproof paper is so durable it even works underwater! The notepad and pencil come with suction cups so they can be attached to any smooth surface. They are recyclable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and made with vegetable-based ink.


The 3 AM Epiphany Book

The 3 A.M. Epiphany offers more than 200 intriguing writing exercises designed to help a writer think, write, and revise like never before, without having to wait for creative inspiration!



“Get Shit Done” ultimate daily planner

The ultimate planning pages to help them live their most happy and productive life. This notepad daily planner will help them structure their day hourly, organize their tasks and to-dos, track their mood, plan their meals, as well as decide what to watch on Netflix and which podcast to listen to!




“I write. What’s your superpower?” mug

This one speaks for itself! It’s a white ceramic mug with a white exterior and black interior. The text is printed on both sides and it’s microwave safe!



Smiley face coffee

This yellow smiley face mug is overflowing with seasonal yellow to bring your writer joy!



“Tears of my characters” mug

Funny, unique, pretty, and personal, it’s the perfect coffee mug for a writer. It comes in a variety of colors so choose their favourite or match the theme of their other mugs!




“PUBLISHED” crop tee

Does the writer in your life need a new wardrobe favourite? This “PUBLISHED” t-shirt will give them the chance to stay cool and show off.



House of Drew Vest

Make sure your friend stays warm while writing with this House of Drew vest!




“WRITER” unisex sweatshirt

This sturdy and warm sweatshirt is bound to keep your friend or loved one warm in the colder months. It comes in blue, gray or white!



Cow slippers

Keep them cosy with these cow slippers in pink or black!





“Writer’s Last Nerve” candle

This is a premium soy wax candle that uses the finest sage and lavender fragrances to create an aromatherapy experience. It even comes with writing prompts to start a writer off on the right foot for New Year!



“Naughty? Nice? I tried.” candle

Hey, at least they tried! Maybe next year they will do better…eh probably not.




“Storyteller” candle

The perfect candle for every storyteller. Light the wick and let a gentle aroma infuse the air as they create their next story. It burns for approximately 50 hours and is the perfect gift for the writer in your life. This candle is made with a 100% natural soy wax blend and cotton wick. You can choose between ambrosial fragrances such as Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze.


“Splurt” game

Think fast, say it first. Does the writer in your life like riddles and mysteries? They need to flip a card and be the first to shout out the answer to the clues!



“The Storymatic Classic” game

For writing, imagining, laughing, and sharing! It can be played in groups, at home or outside. It’s super flexible, with tons of ways to make the storytelling cards their own!



“Writer Emergency Pack” cards

Writer Emergency Pack is a portable tool for story resuscitation (or simply creativity rejuvenation). It’s a deck full of useful ideas designed to help any writer get their story back on track!



Rory’s Story Cubes

These story cubes free the imagination and create wonderful and limitless stories! They’re perfect for youngsters looking for fun writing prompts but can be used by anyone to find ideas and inspiration for their next masterpiece!




“Writer” bookends

These unique “Writer” bookends are made from solid steel and heavy enough to hold up even the largest reading collection! They are sold in a set of two pieces, finished in hammered black.



“Future Bestselling Author” sign

Is your friend or loved one an aspiring author? Encourage them to WRITE THAT BOOK by purchasing this “future bestselling author” sign for their room or office!



Ansel table lamp

This glass table lamp emits a soft glow with a shaped design featuring an open, angular top and bulbed base covered in patterned glass for a fresh effect. It’s perfect for any writer who writes late at night and loves a splash of colour!



Book light

Know someone who stays up until the early hours of the morning reading “one more page”? This bedside or desk lamp is perfect for them! It even has a USB port so they can put their phone away whilst they read.



Typewriter pencil holder

Don’t mind me just on my way to buy one of these for myself. Antique, good quality, very detailed… what’s not to love? It’s spacious, plenty of room for a nice pen collection, highlighters, fine liners and scissors. It’s also the perfect size for business cards if the writer in your life wants to be really extra at their next book signing!


“Writer’s Block” block

Don’t lie. You laughed when you saw this. It’s more than just a block. You can customise this however you like! I’m talking writing prompts, encouraging notes, their name, their aspirations! All the reviews say “I love this block.” (Unlike actual writer’s block because it sucks.)



“PUBLISHED” sticker

Do you know someone who has been “PUBLISHED”? This is perfect for any surface: laptop, phone case, notebook, water bottles, mood board. Writing is hard. Give the writer in your life the validation they deserve!



“It’s a good day to write” sticker

“What do you want?” “Writing inspiration.” It’s always a good day to write and this sticker will help remind them of that! Perfect for a laptop, tablet, notebook, planner and any surface it will stick to. Make them stick this somewhere prominent in their writing space, and make every day a good day to write.


“The Writer” tarot card sticker

These are designed to decorate water bottles, notebooks and laptops to give your writer friend encouragement to fulfil their destiny.



“Write on” sticker

β€œWrite on” is the mantra every writer needs in their life. Whether the writer in your life needs a pick-me-up or is working on their first draft and needs some inspiration to cheer them on, this writer themed sticker is designed to remind them that the best thing they can do to improve their writing is to keep at it.



“PUBLISHED” fanny pack

Writers have pens to carry! Get them a “PUBLISHED” fanny pack so they never loose their pens and pencils and have somewhere safe to keep their scribbled notes on random pieces of paper!



“PUBLISHED” bucket hat

This bucket hat combines practicality, comfort, and fashion in one! Keep the sun out of your friend’s eyes and let them show off their achievements!



“WRITER” trucker cap

This comes in FIVE different colours and is the perfect fashion accessory for any writer, published or not!



“Imagine there were no hypothetical situations” button

Writing prompt in accessory form! Give your friend or loved one something to think- and write- about!




“Write what should not be forgotten” rainbow keyring

As well as being extremely fashionable, this keychain, featuring a quote by the author Isabel Allende, is part of a series that combines designs inspired by and quotes written by women authors.




The Ultimate Writer Gift set

The Writer Gift Set is the perfect gift for the writer in your life! It contains a handpicked assortment of writer themed items. This set may include pencils, stickers, notepads, notebook, mug, candle and bookmark. The assortment will depend on the box size. Each box comes packaged in a gift box with a “gift for you” note ready to go!


Assorted grammar pencils

The perfect passive aggressive writer gift… There are 5 different Grammar Pencils in these packs!
1. Silver pencil- IT, ITS & IT’S = IT IS
2. Black pencil- GRAMMAR GEEK
4. Burgundy pencil- ALOT IS NOT A WORD!
5. Natural pencil- I BEFORE E, EXCEPT AFTER C


Personalised writer Christmas ornament

Bless the writer in your life with this aesthetic writing Christmas ornament! You can even personalise it with their name!