helen of troy

January 12, 2024

when he took you away on that forsaken day

were you to know

how soon your body would lay 

as a trophy for all the men of greece.

young and old came and watched,

from thessaly to crete.


given from aphrodite—a gift, a curse,

my poor swan—born child,

whose beauty was a hearse. 

first menelaus, then paris, then the world

taken without question;

no answer is needed from a girl. 


and when that swan came down, no swan, but zeus

on leda who was told 

she shouldn’t seduce. 

did she know, like you, that punishment awaited? 

your soft curves and dark hair 

cannot go un-berated.



Safa Ali is an aspiring writer who combines academic rigor with a creative flare. Her distinctive voice in literature, nurtured by a profound love for poetry and art, resonates with readers seeking originality and depth.



Featured image by Hert Niks.