Whispers of the Heart

April 10, 2024

In the heart of a land where the sun kisses the earth,

Where the drums beat with a rhythm of rebirth,

Lies a tale of greatness and sorrow untold,

Of a people whose stories are written in gold.


They were taken from their homes, their spirits broken,

Their bodies enslaved, their voices unspoken,

But through the pain and the tears they shed,

They rose from the ashes, their spirits not dead.


Like a lioness protecting her pride,

They fought for their freedom, side by side,

Their courage like a flame that never dies,

Their strength like the mountains that touch the skies.


They bore the scars of their ancestors’ pain,

The weight of their history, like heavy chains,

But still they stood tall, their heads held high,

Their spirits unbroken, reaching for the sky.


Their voices rose in a chorus of defiance,

Their hearts beating with a fierce alliance,

Against the forces that sought to keep them down,

They rose up, like a phoenix from the ground.


Their struggles were many, their victories few,

But still they fought on, their dreams in view,

For they knew that their land was worth the fight,

Their home, their heritage, their birthright.


So let us remember the price they paid,

The sacrifices they made, the debts they laid,

For the whispers of the heart will never fade,

The echoes of their courage will never be swayed.


In the heart of the land where the sun shines so bright,

Home to a people whose future is in sight,

Their stories of greatness and sorrow unfold,

In a land where their history is written in gold.


Solomon Peter is a dedicated student in the department of History and International Studies at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. He is passionate about learning about different cultures and histories from around the world. Living in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Solomon is committed to expanding his knowledge and understanding of global affairs.

Featured image by Jessica Felicio.