Human Race

March 28, 2021

Who draws the lines of this human race?

Who pulls the trigger and decides the pace?

Whose wretched hand picks who gets ahead

– and leaves the rest of us for dead?


We’re horses in this human race

Running only for the few who place

And, no, we’ll never get our shot

We’re running just to fill our spot


For however will it seem deserved

To claim a prize they never earned?


We’re horses in this human race

With blinders brandished on our face

And we will find once we stand tall:

This race is not a race at all


Justin LuisJustin Luis is a singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN whose fondness for words [and in singing them!] has taken over his life!!! *please send help*


“We’re RUNNING just to fill our spot.” That one line hit me like a ton of bricks. It May not truly be a race, but Some of us move forward while the rest of us are left to wade in the stagnant waters of our misfortune. How long can we tread water before the blinders are removed, and the sun shines on our faces once more?