May 17, 2023

i sleep between sheets

between dreams and i wake

aching and tired


my eyes scream for tears

but my cheeks taste sticky

and dry so i do not cry


i only cry when i wish to yell,

and when i wish to cry

i only ache


when i wake i wish to yell

and to cry and to feel

but instead


i extricate myself

from the sheets and undergo the morning rituals

of brushing sleep from my teeth and hair

washing sleep from my face

stumbling down the stairs

to fumble with the espresso machine

until i craft a honey latte that tastes too sweet

and hardly opens my eyes further at all.


Darby Brown is an emerging writer and poet from Nashville, TN. She has recently completed her MA in creative writing at the University of Birmingham in England and now lives in London where she continues to fall in love with the way words and stories can lead us toward a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In addition to being a monthly contributor for HYW, she serves as an editorial intern. Follow her on Instagram @darbybrownwrites.

Featured image by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels