January 4, 2023

This wind has been winding and howling.

Many moons have passed since our love emerged,

like a bunny eating honey.

I could tell of it, replay the cracked blue blurry disk again as

Time and tide tickled the world.

My home was fire in water burning furiously.

All I wanted was to love: is that too much to ask? 


Now I patch the white sand at seashore,

All alone;

I envy the sound of the happy rushing waters.

How did I give up on you?

Why did I not tell the world that what I had felt was love-

The love I longed for?

The love we ought to seek for…. 


Though I know you are away now, and I’m late 

To make a way to you.


Ilemobayo OjoIlemobayo Ojo is a Nigerian writer whose works have appeared in Firebrand Magazine, Agape Review, WHI anthology, Sledgehammer Nnoko, Enceladus Magazine,The Beautiful Mind and elsewhere.




Featured Image by Caique Nascimento on Unsplash